5 Pillars of EXIT

The foundation of EXIT Realty is our Formula.


At EXIT REALTY, we BELIEVE in providing the tools for each agent, rookie or veteran, to become thoroughly trained in real estate sales.

We offer in-house training on a variety of topics that will help you be successful in real estate.

On the International level, we have trainers who work exclusively for EXIT Realty. Each one has been very successful in their own practice and now spends most of their time developing our agents. Some classes are delivered live and interactive right into subscribing offices.

MIND-SET Training SystemsTraining and Coaching
Path to Deliberate CreationCreating the Win/Win
Performance CoachingField Day
Personality ProfilesListing Presentation Camp
Your Secret Money MakerPower Prospecting Camp
Creating the Win/WinSurvival Camp
Ambassador TrainingLive Interactive
Sponsoring: The Heart of EXITPersonality Profiles
Ambassador TrainingYour Secret Money Maker
Sponsoring: The Heart of EXITLive/Interactive Training & Coaching


At EXIT REALTY, we BELIEVE in providing you with branding tools to help you brand yourself in your marketplace so that you get more of your own leads.

3 MAJOR CHALLENGES to Agents’ Personal Branding

  • Lack of consistent branding
  • Poor management / regular engagement with contacts
  • Juggling multiple systems

We solve these pain points with our complete Expert Marketing Suite™ and EXITize Me!, which includes EXIT Promo Shop. This system saves the associate time and money. A single integrated solution where important contacts with notes and reminders, campaigns and a wide variety of dynamic multi-channel marketing materials are all found in one place. EXIT associates can generate, nurture and convert more leads and elevate their branding.

EXIT REALTY’s Branding Tools are designed to help you create a presence in your marketplace.


At EXIT REALTY, we BELIEVE that technology should be high tech and high touch. We innovate and build for the human behind the device, not the device itself.

Corporate website exitrealty.com
exitrealty.com is our corporate website which contains, among many other things, thousands of listings from across North America.  No additional transaction fees are charged by EXIT Realty Corp. International on any leads generated from exitrealty.com.  All leads on EXIT listings are sent directly to the listing agent.

Branded webpage on exitrealty.com
Every agent has a branded webpage on exitrealty.com displaying his or her photo, bio, contact information and listings. 

Resource Center
Our company intranet is accessed directly from exitrealty.com.  Here you can not only manage your business but also market yourself and your properties.

EXIT Realty Connect App
The App puts the key components of EXIT’s technology in the palm of your hand. Invite customers, clients and prospects to download the app to take advantage of the saved search functionality, keeping your contact information a tap away.  Available on the App Store and Google Play. Accessible on any device

Our technology is future-proof. 
All of our digital technology is accessible on all devices, all screens, all the time. According to a NAR report* today’s typical buyer uses a mobile device to search for properties online.  Humans are inherently mobile. However people want to access you, we’re ready. 

Completely paperless transactions
We offer completely paperless real estate transactions at no cost to the agent or client.

Free agent and brokerage websites
Beautiful, customizable website are automatically created for every agent and brokerage

Expert Marketing Suite™ including free geolocation lead generation Smart Sign™ technology, branded and unbranded virtual tours, single property websites, flyers and more
In addition to our Smart Sign™ lead generation technology, EXIT Realty’s Expert Marketing Suite™ includes a customizable branded and unbranded virtual tour which is syndicated to popular real estate portals, a custom website created exclusively for every** eligible EXIT Realty listing with its own unique web address, a downloadable flyer which displays the property’s unique text code, and more.

Free Mobile Business Card™
Get your contact information right into the palm of a prospect’s hand by using EXIT’s free Mobile Business Card™ technology. Choose a vanity code which prospects can text to 85377 to receive your Mobile Business Card™ right on their smartphone. The system notifies you when someone has requested your MBC and delivers their mobile number right to your phone.

Customizable digital Listing Presentation, Seller and Buyer Guides, and Sponsoring Package
Create beautifully designed, customizable digital presentations in minutes to start or restart a conversation

Franchise & Agent support via phone, email and live chat
Our highly experienced team of experts is on hand to answer all your questions.  You get the service and support you need to be successful. 

Technology is only as good as the person who uses it.  If you’re not trained how to use it, it doesn’t matter what tools you have.  At EXIT Realty, we not only provide you with effective tools to make you more productive and expand your reach, but we also teach you how to use them.


At EXIT REALTY we BELIEVE in building a team that is supportive and fun. 

We enjoy and encourage each other much like a good family would do.

Some people can work alone and do well but we believe that many need an active, fun village to do their best. Just imagine, a company that doesn’t want to beat anybody, just enrich lives. A company that strives to only be #1 with our associates and customers. A company that believes we are all in the same boat, so it is best to row together. A company that can claim “if you come here, you will do better”. A company that encourages every branch to have a Chief Vision Officer (CVO).

Most REALTORS® love fun, food and recognition.  We have built into EXIT an amazing culture that starts at the top:

  1. Our leadership is approachable and available
  2. Every individual in this company has been personally invited by their sponsor
  3. Also our residual formula means we are vested in the success of the people we sponsor
  4. Which creates a very special bond of mentorship.  If I help you do better, then I do better which is a powerful incentive.
  5. That, in turn, creates a significant culture of caring and sharing with each other
  6. Much like a good family would do.  We are proud of our kind, sharing culture.
  7. We are a company with a giving heart

EXIT believes in giving back. A portion of every transaction fee collected by EXIT Realty Corp. International is applied to its charitable fund. Through the Spirit of EXIT Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Program, EXIT offices and associates can raise money for local, approved, registered charities, including Habitat for Humanity, and apply to EXIT’s Head Office to have those funds matched from the company’s pledged pool of funds.

To date, EXIT Realty Corp. International has pledged $5,500,000 to charity.

The EXIT Formula

At EXIT REALTY, we BELIEVE in pointing our associates toward financial security by offering an opportunity to earn more than 100%, follow their dreams, create a retirement plan, and leave a legacy.

The EXIT Formula anchors the cornerstones and is the foundation of everything that EXIT is. It is both a business model and philosophy. As a business model, it means that both the brokerage and the agents thrive, rather than one at the expense of the other (that’s the 70/30 to $100K and 90/10 thereafter – No desk fees either). As a philosophy, it means the agent is more than just their last transaction, as they have the ability to earn passive, single-level residuals, retirement and lifestyle benefits, and leave a legacy to their designated beneficiary. The EXIT Formula provides a balanced life now, and security in the future.

Just imagine, a company totally unconcerned about stock price, board of directors or manipulated valuation. A company that’s simply free to do the right thing for all. A business model that is totally transparent with no contingencies of any kind. A straightforward cash payment.

EXIT’s unique Formula of 10% single level residuals has been powering dreams since 1996

While working full time, an agent earning 10% passive residual income can put their kids through college, pay for a wedding, invest in real estate, take their family on vacation, follow their dreams – the sky is the limit! EXIT Associates can sponsor as many members into EXIT – there is no limit – and are then eligible to receive up to $10k per new member per year.

When you’re ready to retire from real estate, you can continue to receive residuals in the form of 7% retirement benefits. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re no longer working. Perhaps you’re sitting in a beach house somewhere. But perhaps you’re now free to follow your dream of opening a coffee shop or used bookstore. The sky’s the limit with EXIT benefits. And, if you decide you’d like to get back in the real estate game, when you close your 8th end or earn $40k in gross closed commission, your residuals revert to 10%. But wait, there’s more! Even when you’ve retired from conducting real estate, you can continue to sponsor agents into EXIT, increasing your retirement benefits! You can sponsor in an unlimited amount of EXIT agents into any office across North America and receive up to $7k per new member per year. EXIT puts you in control of your retirement income!

If you want or need to take time off from working full time, 7% Lifestyle Benefits can help you. Whether you want to take some time to travel, to expand your family, or care for a loved one, 7% residuals can provide an income when you’re not working full time, up to $7k per new member per year. When you go back to work fulltime and close your 8th end or earn $40k in gross closed commissions, your 7% benefits revert to 10%.

For the first time ever, real estate agents can leave a legacy for their loved ones. Your designated beneficiary  - person, trust, or entity - will receive 5% beneficiary benefits once you have passed on, up to $5k per member, for as long as the agents you sponsored stay with the company and close deals. Finally, a company that provides you with peace of mind and allows you to leave a legacy for your loved ones.

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